Yes. I will raise another generation of Indians Fans

Last night I lamented the sorry state of being a fan of Cleveland sports teams.

Thoughts about raising my boys as Cleveland sports fans

The much ballyhooed return of LeBron James to Cleveland finally happened tonight. It wasn’t pretty.

A post a day in December

I was on a roll in September, wasn’t I? I posted nearly every day and

Cleveland did C.A.R.E. in 1985

Remember how the U.K. rockers recorded Do They Know It’s Christmas, and that prompted the

Elevator music to groove at a party

Elevator music is generally a dismissive term for songs performed instrumentally in a staid manner

Richard Harris was allowed to record an entire album?

“One hit wonder” is the term we apply to an artist, duo or group that

Jackie Gleason was a band leader?

Jackie Gleason is probably best remembered for his comedy. Specifically, most will know him from

Preschool wisdom from the apple orchard

I had the pleasure of accompanying Patrick’s preschool class to Eddy Fruit Farm today. It

Blazing bouzoukis, it’s a Hellenic hoedown

I think regular readers of this blog will agree my musical taste is wide-ranging. But

Barn Dance or Square Dance?

One of the perils of buying used albums at thrift stores is that the sleeve