Count your syllables

It is Monday, yes National Haiku Day, too Count your syllables

Birdbath Breakers

Wind howling today There are waves in the birdbath We have surfing birds

On Guard

Many years ago I wore upon my feet boots of leather issued by Uncle Sam

What’s Soup?

Butternut squash bisque Blender outsmarted the cook Messy bisque-aster!

The Joy of Clarity

Freshly cleaned glasses Windex upon spectacles Crystal clear peepers

A Barnburner

The Rose Bowl was wild Big plays for both teams all game USC won it

Hand Feeding

Birdseed held in hand You need to wait patiently Feeding chicadees  

Day 366

Another year has come and gone We got things right We got things wrong Yes,

Choosing Your Name

Confirmation name Yes, it has to be a saint Your turn to choose, son  

Oath of Office

They have sworn an oath Faithful service is promised God, give them wisdom