Bad Valentine’s Day Poetry

Roses are red So are some apples You’re hooked to my heart Like a fish

Triple Overtime

They almost won it The Cavaliers were so close Alas, not their night

Another Beginning

Arizona news Pitchers and catchers report Hope it’s a good year

So Fast

Children grow so fast Their dreams change, some will come true Parents dream with them

Family Together

Sunday’s upon us We will relax together Mom, Dad, and the boys

Winter Window

Dirty window pane It’s far too cold to open Spring cleaning postponed

Cold Start

Hear the dreaded clicks The engine will hesitate Delayed combustion

Haiku Haiku

The first line is five The second line is seven Third line five again

Reboot at the Q

Cavs are making trades I can’t keep up with them all They must keep Cedi!

Mixed Metaphors

“So, don’t hang your hat where the rubber hits the road” That made zero sense.