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Full Action Hose

The band that made "The Commitments" look like a long lived group.

It was December, 1995. Four lads from a working-class town in working class jobs meet and decide to form a band. A band that would revolutionize pop music.

A band that would be called........ full action hose.

What can I tell ya? It really seemed like it might just work. Matt had sung before (high school musicals), Paul was eager and young, Jim wanted to be in a band so bad he could taste it (be careful what you wish for)...and Rick....well...Rick was patient.

What constitutes a truly GREAT BAND in the later half of the twentieth century? Talking about what songs you should do and how cool you would be doing them? Being willing to share your soda and Combos brand snack food with bandmates? Telling ex-girlfriends that you were in a band and "You'll probably catch us playing in the Flats this summer"? I hope so, because if it involves actually having anyone hear and enjoy your music, well, we may have fallen a bit short on that criteria.

Besides we wrote a couple of songs that were really expressing our hopes and our world view. I offer you the following in evidence: "Eat A Pizza Bubble" and "Just Call Him Dude"


the men of FULL ACTION HOSE in action