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What I learned this Lent

Now that Lent has passed I can post here again. No, I did not give

Sinners with dirty faces

Friends, I promise you that this blog will not post exclusively about religion, but it

Ashes Eve

The liturgical season of Lent begins tomorrow, so of course that means many of us

Opening Days

Time to return to blogging. This is about the fourth or fifth post in which

The prodigal pipes

Since I blogged about this story yesterday, I want to share the video of Ted

It’s my funeral

I’ve been meaning to write down my wishes for my funeral, but time never seems

Free books? Now you have my attention.

My friend Jen is a smart cookie, a writer and a reader. But as much

The rarity of silence

I’ve watched some of the coverage of Benedict XVI as he visited the UK these

Looking Like An Altarboy

I sure seem concerned with that candle! I’m pretty certain I was in seventh grade