Category: Poems

Monetize Hiakus

Monetize haikus That’s my greatest goal in life Well, that, and a nap

September Haiku

I love September Blue skies and cooler breezes Baseball, football too!

Haiku for a holiday-shortened work week

Finally Friday! Work week was only four days. Wow! It seemed longer.

Tight neck haiku

When I feel too stressed my neck will get very tight. Tight as a drum

Salazar the stopper haiku

Tigers on a roll/ Then Salazar took the mound/ Complete game shutout/ #whiff @Indians #haiku

Haiku for Cleveland sports fans

Switching the channels between @INDIANS and @Browns I’m a Clevelander

Haiku for the Emmys

I do watch TV, not the shows that get awards, no #Emmys for me.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving for Air Conditioning

Thank you Lord for our modern home, though the sun it swelters as in Rome.

The Lucky Tree

The Lucky Tree Lucky me! I’m a tree full of leaves, I block the sun.