Category: Poems

An elephant haiku

Vacation is near You must remember your trunk, says the pachyderm

Haiku for sleepy people

Poor insomniacs Sleep will always escape you Just like free range sheep

Piano Haiku

Please don’t play “Chopsticks” Your audience with thank you They’ve heard it before.

Haiku for a college football star

Big man on campus Letter jacket worn with pride Do not peak too soon

Ice Fishing Haiku

Auger through the ice Drop a baited hook and wait Fish in your shanty

Zebra Stripes Haiku

The zebra has stripes Obviously black and white No, they’re not subtle.

A poem for Los Angeles

Oh hazy city! Land of riches, choked up roads and open dreams. You are a

Things that rhyme with orange

Don’t engage in naughty things, your parents wouldn’t like it. For every single phone that

Honeybee Haiku

There is quite a buzz Honeybees dropping like flies How can we fix it?

Kazoo Haiku

Hear that kazoo song One thousand ducks are jealous Your voice is splendid