Category: Poems


Please pause a moment The sun is at his zenith Your shadow is small


Tend to the flowers Prune, protect and water them Enjoy their beauty


She said she “word paints” Syllables, her medium Critics get brushed off

Eleven months

Eleven months We just have eleven months Christmas Eve is near

Snow Falling

See the snow falling Swirling, blowing, covering Thin tree limbs will bow

A poem for bolts

Bolts of fabric Bolts of light A bolt from the blue Sit bolt upright To

A haiku for bats

Bats hang inverted The cave is dark all day long When night falls they fly

Haiku for an ice cube

Cold clear and solid Melting in my tea tumbler soon liquid again

Haiku for a new pencil

Ticonderoga yellow pencil Number 2 eraser pristine

A haiku for Hawaiian sandwiches

Hawaiian Islands Cook called them Sandwich Islands SPAM came much later