Category: Poems

President’s Day

It’s President’s Day Honoring a few or all? Must be just a few

Frozen Peace

Frozen solid trail Snow softly falling on me Alone and at peace

A Night at the Races

We went to a fundraising game Betting on horses by name As the videos played

The Old Neighborhood

I used to live in Toledo I had fun friends, it was neat-o My son’s

Bad Valentine’s Day Poetry

Roses are red So are some apples You’re hooked to my heart Like a fish

Triple Overtime

They almost won it The Cavaliers were so close Alas, not their night

Another Beginning

Arizona news Pitchers and catchers report Hope it’s a good year

So Fast

Children grow so fast Their dreams change, some will come true Parents dream with them

Family Together

Sunday’s upon us We will relax together Mom, Dad, and the boys

Winter Window

Dirty window pane It’s far too cold to open Spring cleaning postponed