Category: Haiku

Hand Feeding

Birdseed held in hand You need to wait patiently Feeding chicadees  

Choosing Your Name

Confirmation name Yes, it has to be a saint Your turn to choose, son  

Oath of Office

They have sworn an oath Faithful service is promised God, give them wisdom    

Limping To The Finish

This year’s almost done It’s been a tough one, for sure Just keep driving on


The star passed away RIP becomes the meme Shallow, but sincere        

Wi-Fi Goes Bye-Bye

We all need Wi-Fi New devices overwhelm Guess we have to talk

Kindling That Christmas Feeling

Kindles for Christmas Santa shops at Amazon Kids games are on Fire    

Browns Finally Win

Christmas Eve surprise The Cleveland Browns won a game Miracles happen

Oral History Retold

We shared old stories My, where did all the time go? Generations pass


Cheap wine is called “plonk” A new word I learned today It’s now on my