Category: Haiku

Mixed Metaphors

“So, don’t hang your hat where the rubber hits the road” That made zero sense.

Urban Rainbow

You could not miss it Just set your eyes on the east A rainbow skyline


I followed the signs Dead end, back up, fits and starts A parking lot maze

Friday Finish

Ev’ry week must end The work does not end with it We pause tomorrow

New Month’s Eve

Funny calendar! Some dates just seem more special It’s arbitrary

Wind Whistles

The wind now whistles It is not a happy tune Now piercing our ears

Vexing Vortex

So very frigid The polar vortex descends Staying warm indoors

Wet Tents

Packed away with snow We can’t let mildew destroy Set up tents inside

Gregorian Can’t

Father lamented Patrimony forgotten But the band played on

Take Time

You cannot take time It is a gift you’re given Your fleeting moments