Category: Haiku

Paczki Poem

Today I’m honored to present this poem from a very special guest poet, my dear

Gratitude on a winter night

Warm home in winter Healthy children safe inside I’m blessed beyond words

Hole Punch Haiku

The humble hole punch turns 131 today Google celebrates    

Indians win 100 again

Tribe wins 100! Tito and crew are awesome One thing left to do  

Time Marches

Late summer morning I hear drums from the high school Time keeps marching on

Haiku for a man parking selfishly

Post office, 12 Noon Sign says “Customers Only” You park and get lunch Here are

Birdbath Breakers

Wind howling today There are waves in the birdbath We have surfing birds

What’s Soup?

Butternut squash bisque Blender outsmarted the cook Messy bisque-aster!

The Joy of Clarity

Freshly cleaned glasses Windex upon spectacles Crystal clear peepers

A Barnburner

The Rose Bowl was wild Big plays for both teams all game USC won it