Category: Family

Gratitude on a winter night

Warm home in winter Healthy children safe inside I’m blessed beyond words

Wi-Fi Goes Bye-Bye

We all need Wi-Fi New devices overwhelm Guess we have to talk

Oral History Retold

We shared old stories My, where did all the time go? Generations pass

Handwritten History

The scrolls are open Names and dates recorded with care Ink has faded in a

Lemon Cake and Laughter

A birthday party Lemon cake and laughing boys Life was sweet today

St. Nick’s Eve

Shoes under the tree Saint Nicholas may visit No reindeer this trip

Cast Away Your Cares

“To-do” list is checked Let’s head to the pond and fish Cast away your cares

Cabin Fever Can Wait

It has just turned cold Brothers already bicker Go outside and play

Breakfast for dinner

Breakfast for dinner Eggs and bacon and French toast That’s good cooking, Mom!

4th Grade Music Program

Kids sing happy songs Upbeat music full of hope Rainy day sunshine