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Updated WordPress Akismet servers are not found Comments off for now

Limitless supply?

The year is half gone I have not run out of poems My muse keeps

Details are important

dot org and dot com they are not synonymous clearing cache won’t help

WordPress update

New WordPress version Coleman’s hitting the right notes Music to my ears.

Goodbye – or a change of address has been my website for a long time. I first registered the domain name

I’m all up-to-date. I think?

When I first started this blog it was a nail-biting experience whenever I needed to

Searches related to Matt Keough

Matt Keough is not an extremely common name, but it only takes one other guy

A post a day in December

I was on a roll in September, wasn’t I? I posted nearly every day and

The obligitory Updated WordPress post

As I warned last week – I updated the software that makes this blog thingy

Where does the time go?

I decided to log in and start bloggin’ again. I’ve been tweeting and active on