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Andrew McCormack and Mary Powers McCormack

This is a photo of my great great grandparents.  It is a tinted image on a metal plate.  Andrew and Mary were immigrants to Cleveland from Ireland.  To quote an obituary dated February 6, 1904 ;

    "Mr. McCormack was almost ninety years of age and had lived in the city for about fifty-five years. He was born in Ireland and came to this country at the age of thirty-five years, coming direct to Cleveland, since which time he had made the Forest City his home.

Mr. McCormack was a structural ironworker by trade and participated in the building of the Superior street viaduct, the Union station, Opera House, county jail, State Hospital and nearly all the many bridges in the flats."

Mary Powers McCormack passed away February 2, 1905.  Their daughter Agnes is my father's maternal grandmother.